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The Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute is passionate about making a difference in the lives of Indiana's low-income families. We explore the root causes of poverty in Indiana and ways to improve policy and programs, leading to systemic change and ultimately greater economic well-being for Hoosier families.

Our research reports and policy briefs don't just sit on a shelf.

We turn ideas into action by:

Your donation to the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute makes all this possible.

Some of the issues that will be addressed thanks to your generous contribution:

  • Budget and tax. At the Institute, we strive to protect the programs that low-income families depend on from damaging budget cuts. We also encourage funding increases when programs need them. We promote tax fairness for all Hoosiers.

  • Job quality. Low-income Hoosiers are far less likely to have access to sick days, scheduling fairness, and paid leave. We work to secure greater access to these supports so that Hoosiers can balance work and family.

  • Wage fairness. A forty-hour week should provide sufficient pay to afford basic necessities, and pay should not depend on gender, race, nation of origin, or another status unrelated to qualifications to do the job. Our self-sufficiency standard calculator shows what a Hoosier family needs to adequately meet their basic needs by county and family type and we advocate for policies that help Hoosiers gain access to high-paying jobs.

  • Higher education. Access to higher education, including quality middle-skill credentials, is a crucial part of helping low-income Hoosiers achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency. The Institute is committed to increasing educational attainment of Hoosiers through financial aid policies that promote access and through supportive services that promote persistence and completion.

Your tax-deductible gift will help us continue the research and advocacy related to these important issues.

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