Student Loan Debt

IIWF's Hoosiers and Student Loan Debt Fact Sheet previewWhen Hoosiers pursue their dreams of higher education, we all benefit. Unfortunately, the cost of getting an education has left far too many Hoosiers with burdensome debt that holds them back. We need to address college affordability and student loan debt to allow more Hoosiers to develop their potential and contribute to our communities without struggling to get by. 

Included in our student loan debt fact sheet:

  • 7 ways student loan debt holds Hoosiers back
  • 3 ways we can make it easier for Hoosiers to pursue a degree without sacrificing financial security
  • A deeper look at student loan debt and particular communities or groups
  • How Hoosiers describe their debt
  • Key statistics
    • how many Hoosiers currently hold federal or private student loans
    • the average Hoosier borrower's student loan debt
    • how many Hoosiers are more than 90 days behind on student loan payments